Facility and trading specialist

ADV ServiceFacility and trading specialist

Facility and trading specialist

ADV Service is a unique partner able to simplify daily purchasing activities.

The Facility and trading division was born from a real market need: to rationalize the supplier base according to the best standard of product and cost.

The division is focused on the Italian industry and is a reliable partner in the supply of products in the field of safety and environmental protection.

Some examples of supplied products encompass:
  • Industrial absorbents and spill control products
  • Products for liquids storage
  • Cabinets for hazardous products
  • Technical furniture
  • Changing room lockers
  • Signposting
  • Packaging
The service also includes:
  • the constant optimization of logistic processes
  • a tailor made proposal for consignment stock
  • the possibility of having a monthly cycle billing